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Lack of data about direct service workforce Data are needed to assess how the workforce is changing and where challenges are Standardized methods for collecting and calculating the data provides credibility to the final results “Speaking as one voice” vs. fragmented voices

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By the late 1990s, the need for objective methods of benchmarking progress in our field had been building… States were spending more and more on long-term services and supports… and no single state had identified a way of answering the ultimate question: what are we getting for our financial investment? Robert Gettings, former Executive Director […]

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People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are the most important people to hear from regarding the performance of public services and supports for IDD NCI-IDD data should be actionable so it can influence federal and state policies and practices NCI-IDD data should contribute to knowledge and reSearch in the IDD field; NCI-IDD should collaborate with […]


How Much Do Direct Support Professionals Make? Putting Wages in Context

Low wages are a major factor contributing to the direct support workforce crisis. This webinar discusses the recent Policy ReSearch Brief, which compared wages of direct support professionals (DSPs) to what people earn in other similar professions. It also puts them in context by comparing DSP wages to living wages—the cost of living based on typical […]

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All NCI-IDD reports in one place. Use the filters to the right, or Search by keywords to narrow down results. Reports from 2014 and onward available. […]?